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Author and Performance Artist Lauretta Ali

Poetic Moments

Poetic Moments is my way of sharing some of my poetry with you.  I pray you enjoy!

The Same Old Story

She's a little recluse-alone.
His body runs,
as soon as day breaks.
The morning isn't anyone's friend.

All of a sudden she's so-so.
He regains his head,
turning back the time.
Now she knows the bubble has burst.
The sky's blown up-time's up.

Oh, she's part-time,
his some time thing.
It's the same old story.
Everyone knows what to expect next.

Now that he's finished,
he replaces her….
like a child replaces baby teeth.

Lauretta Ali 2000


December 1966

Last night I dreamt
You were a tribal king
who pulled me along
on a ritual rope,
wanting nothing but to be rid of me.
I prayed for my sudden
relieving you of the burden
for which you are forced to carry.
But, the prayers were untimely.
Recognition of that fact came to me
as I felt the grip
of your ebony fingers
around my throat.
unmistakable horror
deeply rooted in your eyes.
Yet, I didn't dare scream -- instead understood--

Last night I felt your fear
and the stir of your unborn baby
beneath my breast.

Last night I dreamt,
didn't I?

Lauretta Ali 2000



Before leaving you (just for a while)
you kissed me and
I felt your lips tremble.
Perhaps you heard my words,
though, they were secretly spoken.
"It's a crap shoot until you are dead"
then off I went.

Perhaps you thought angels' halos' had all vanished.
Well, so have the tulips, my love.
Yet, I am not gone-
never gone.

Perhaps for nights at a time
I hibernated between sheets
not dozing till dawn.
Maybe for hours I sat and talked
to some unseen voodoo priest
like a phantast who doesn't
need to sleep to dream.

Perhaps I've grown some
loved some even died some
Maybe the raindrops
are the only virgins left.

Still, I'm not gone, love
I'll never be gone.

Lauretta Ali 2000


EULOGY FOR A FOOL, perhaps my father

as in all twenty years
(previous to this one)
we are apart.

Each year
with silent yearnings and
woe woven wishes
will I drink your blood like wine?

I rummaged through the ruins of my mother's life
for worn parched pictures
of my child hood.
But, there weren't any.

Only tearstained heart bloodied memories
in her mind
that was transferred to myself.

Yet, the truth had been tampered with.
My mind had been crammed with images
of a shining great god,
who loved her (and myself) quite well.

But, facts soon became crystal clear.
I found that
you were not as beautiful
as she'd said
as I'd thought.

Yes, I searched
found you!
went to you.
Then crying on your shoulder
I kissed your fat back
when done you held me.

Now what is left?
Horror hidden words
left unspoken between us.
with my silent, tear ridden face..
grief stricken heart.
with your unmistakable air of indifference
to my pain..
caused by your rejection.
My mother's forgotten?
I cannot forget nor forgive.

You came a demon in fool's form
to impose your God forsaken will upon me and

Demonic messenger,
may your heartless body,
demolished soul
rot and rejoice in hell.

You did your duty well!

Lauretta Ali 2000

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